James McDaniel, Senior Assistant General Manager - Water System

111 North Hope Street, Room 1455, Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 367-1022
Website: http://www.ladwp.com/water

LADWP1The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) was established in 1902 and now serves water and electricity to 3.9 million residents and businesses in the City of Los Angeles. It is the largest municipal water and power utility in the nation.

A five-member Board of Water and Power Commissioners establishes policy for LADWP. The Board members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for five-year terms.

The mission of LADWP’s Water System is to provide customers with safe, reliable, high quality, and competitively priced water services in a publicly and environmentally responsible manner.

LADWP’s water supply sources include water imported from the Eastern Sierra Nevada (via the Los Angeles Aqueduct), purchased water from the Metropolitan Water District (via the Colorado River Aqueduct and State Water Project), local groundwater, recycled water, stormwater, and conservation. A unique feature of the Los Angeles Aqueduct is that water is almost entirely gravity fed for a distance of 340 miles.

LADWP6The City’s water infrastructure includes: 679,000 active Water Service Connections, 7,200 miles of Distribution Main, 9 Aqueduct Reservoirs, 114 in-City Tanks and Reservoirs (Potable), Recycled Water Purple Pipe, and 5 Spreading Basins (Operated by LA County Flood Control District).

LADWP has an ascending block rate structure with two tiers that applies to all customer classes.  The motivation for the two-tier rate structure is to (1) induce efficient water use, and (2) to address future dry periods without having to increase rates for customers that practice conservation and remain within their first tier usage block.

LADWP is committed to reliably serving the residents of the City of Los Angeles. In addition to enhancing communications with certified neighborhood councils, LADWP is also active in providing educational opportunities and conservation incentive programs for the public.

LADWP has a well-trained work force of 9,000 employees and provides a variety of career development programs that maintain investment in the work force.

For more information visit us on the web at  www.ladwp.com/water, on Twitter: @LADWP, or on Facebook.com/LADWPLADWP.