John Entsminger, General Manager

1001 South Valley View Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89153
(702) 870-2011

WUWC-LVVWD1The Las Vegas Valley Water District is a not-for-profit water agency that began serving the Las Vegas Valley in 1954. The LVVWD developed the city's water delivery system and now provides water to more than one million residents and millions of tourist every year.  The LVVWD also provides water service to Southern Nevada’s outlying areas, including Laughlin and Searchlight, Nev. The locally-elected Clark County Commission serves as the LVVWD’s seven-member board of directors. The LVVWD is the managing agency for the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

WUWC-LVVWD2Mission: Provide world class water service in a sustainable, adaptive and responsible manner to our customers through reliable, cost effective systems.

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