Harlan Kelly, Jr., General Manager

San Francisco Water Power Sewer
525 Golden Gate Avenue, 13th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103
Website: http://sfwater.org

WUWC-SF1The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is a department of the City and County of San Francisco that provides retail drinking water and wastewater services to San Francisco, wholesale water to three Bay Area counties, and green hydroelectric and solar power to San Francisco's municipal departments. The SFPUC maintains the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System, serving 2.6 million people with high-quality, reliable and affordable drinking water.  Most of this water travels 167 miles from Yosemite to San Francisco, and the system for delivering the water is gravity fed, requiring almost no fossil fuel consumption.

WUWC-SF2In order to protect our precious water supply from drought or natural disaster, the SFPUC is taking steps to supplement our supply with groundwater and recycled water for irrigation. An on-going aggressive conservation program has helped to ensure that San Francisco has some of the lowest per capita water usage in the state of California.

For more information, visit sfwater.org.