About the Western Urban Water Coalition


The Western Urban Water Coalition (WUWC) is dedicated to new and creative approaches to meet future water demands in the West.

Leaders of several western U.S. municipal water suppliers created WUWC in 1992 to address the West’s unique water issues.

More than 40 million Served

WUWC member agencies serve more than 40 million customers in the West's largest metropolitan areas. The 17 water suppliers represent the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington.



The Coalition focuses on several major issues impacting urban water supplies in the West:

  • Advocate for progressive water policy in the West
  • Promote increased sensitivity to the environment’s water needs
  • Advance water conservation efforts and technologies
  • Encourage a system allowing for the sensible transfer of water
  • Respond to climate change through effective means of adaptation
  • Work to improve the effective and efficient application of federal laws ensure the cost-effective and reliable supply of water to urban areas.